Writers - how to upload your own work

1) Register or sign in to the site.


2) Click on "Upload your words" in Account Tools in the right-hand column.


3) Give the Title of your work - this will be displayed.


4) Slect one or more Genres - you can either enter your won or select from the 'popular tags' such as 'General Fiction' by clicking on the + icons. 


5) Add a Synopsis to say something about your chapter or poem. Keep it short and relevant and try to get the reader's interest so that they are motivated to read your work.

6) Add the Full Text in the next box down. 

7) You can also choose to add a cover image by uploading a file. 

8) Preview your work and make and edits.

9) Click Save and you're finished!

EDITING your work


Just log in and go to your chapter or poem.

Click the 'Edit' button and you can edit away!