Claire Donaldson , Cheshire Donaldson
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I am a freelance Contemporary Dance Artist who works in education, community and criminal justice sectors using dance to inspire, heal and transform people. I also enjoy painting and writing poetry.

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Children and Teens, Short Stories, Poetry,

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    I really like some of your writingmarin says on 30 July 2010

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Blind Faith

27 October 2009

Take a deep breath,
Dive in
To the wishing well of tomorrow.
Forever blowing and searching...

When's life to begin?

27 October 2009

When is it time to say enough's enough?
How long do you let it run?
When there's no firing...

My Me

27 October 2009

My life
My me
My day
My hour
My beginning
My ending
My need
My greed <...

The Balloon

27 October 2009

Shiny and new,
Held so tightly,
It flew, on release -
To the heavens
- ...