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I am Cytheria, formerly GM Deadlock, formerly GM Faust, formerly Delusion, formerly…….

Or to put it simply, im a computer geek. I’ve been playing and working on various MMO’s for longer than the acronym has been around. Cyth has worked as a freelance hacker, later a “security consultant”, developer, IT support tech who originally trained as an Astrophysisist with a focus on Chaos Theory, and originally wanted to go to University to train as an Archaeologist. Ecclectic mix eh?

I taught myself to read from around the age of 4 and in the decades since have learned to enjoy the written word in a variety of different forms.

As a child, "writing stories" was encouraged at school, and helped engage my overactive imagination. As I grew up first art, then music and most recently computer applications became the medium of choice for getting ideas out of my head and on the table for others to enjoy, but always they've played second fiddle to the stories and idea's I wish I had more time to write up and share.

One day I'd love to be accused of commiting literature and so I post my scribblings here for your amusement, in the hopes it spurs me on and provides the impetus I need to get the writing done.

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Genres of Interest
General Fiction, Horror, Short Stories, Thriller, Comedy, Science Fiction and Fantasy,
Favourite Authors
Terry Pratchett, Robert Asprin, Orson Scott Card, Neil Gaiman, William Gibson etc etc...
Favourite Books
American Gods, Roadside Picnic, Neuromancer, Snow Crash, Cats Have No Lord, Enders Game and dozens more.
Favourite Quotations
I really wish you'd agree to treat gravity as a law, rather than as one of a number of options.

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The Crone

28 May 2009

Here's a short story I wrote some time ago for players of the online game, the lord of the rings. <...

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