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I am breaking into the world of writing! I have written short stories and a radio play and am working on a young adult's novel.

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Genres of Interest
Children and Teens, Short Stories, Crime and Mystery, Thriller, Comedy,
Favourite Authors
Stephen Fry Kathy Reichs Marcus Zusak Sandy Toksvig Agatha Christie PG Wodehouse
Favourite Books
Book Thief Whistling For Elephants Moab Is My Washpot The Great Gatsby Candlelight Murders
Favourite Quotations
Be the change you want to see in the world. Ghandi.

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Emails From The Edge

05 September 2009

Subject: Visit
Hello love! Dad here, how...

Return to the Realm

05 September 2009

Ginger Tom

05 September 2009

'Hey! Get out of it!'
Ziggy was dumped unceremoniously onto the floor and promptly jumped up ...

Splitting The Difference

03 June 2009

Inca sat rolling peas across her plate into undercooked cut green beans she had arranged like skittles...

In Retirement

27 May 2009

I'm in retirement, mused Clarence as he sat in the dark. He sat in the dark and mused a lot these...

Mary Marion Marjorie

27 May 2009

Mary, Marion, Marjorie; me Is only one person and also is three. Mary, Marion, Marjorie; me Split...