Children & Teens


A warring band of siblings are drawn into a world where their strengths and weaknesses are the fuel of a greater destiny. Bringing about revelation, reunion and renewal, it is a story that dogs me and has haunted me for years. This is only the beginning. The world they enter is strange and stark and hostile. Through incomprehension they acheive understanding...

Jesamine Bloom

The adventures of a tooth fairy, trying to juggle her work with her children and the rest of her life.

The Fledgling

A seemingly ordinary girl develops a skin condition that is much more than meets the eye.

The Happiness Thief

Irvin Whittlestick - magician and circus ringmaster extraodinaire - returns to life to seek revenge on the sleepy town that wronged him. He begins to steal the souls of a generation of children, reclaiming the happiness he once so generously gave. Nine year-old Emily Goodchilde is the only person who knows the truth, and she recruits an orphaned brother and sister from the streets, her shy neighbour and an old man. The unlikely fellowship have to overcome the evil Scuttle brothers before they can even begin to do what the grown-ups can't - stop the thief and save the children's souls.

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