female fiction

Emails From The Edge

Subject: Visit
From: dadabear@dot.com
To: popple101@dot.com
Hello love! Dad here – how are you keeping? Your mum has told me to get out from under her feet so I thought I’d come in the study for a game of solitaire on the computer and drop you a line.

Ginger Tom

‘Hey! Get out of it!’
Ziggy was dumped unceremoniously onto the floor and promptly jumped up onto Katarzyna’s lap and began purring loudly, his eye’s half closed dreamily.
Without looking up from her magazine, Katarzyna drooled in her thick Polish accent, ‘He likes the bacon. You should pay attention on eating and not your newspaper if you not want to share, Rudy.’
‘Why do you call me Rudy?’ He questioned through a mouth part full of bacon he had shovelled in after Ziggy’s attempt to pilfer it.

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