Out for a walk

With a knife and a fork.


Round not red
Picked not chosen
Life is not a
Bowl of cherries

A Necessary Sacrifice

At day these metal sentinels
Arc above our head,
They keep watch that no one lift
Their eyes above their bed.

We have killed the stars and night,
Beautiful twilight dead,
Just to get a better look
Around our murdered head.

In defense of Eve

Dear Lord, my wife has done a silly thing.

That's clear now and there's no point arguing.

She's guilty, and she feels a fool because

She's let you down, but Lord, here's how it was:


We honestly thought that the snake must be

One of your creatures. Though admittedly

He did look somewhat suspect. And he hissed.

Dear Lord, my wife has done a silly thing.

Jazz and Portrait of an Asian Puppet

Two poems I wrote, the first was to be based off the conversation of a stranger (Jazz) while the second was supposed to be in iambic pentameter (Portrait of an Asian Puppet).
The quote in Jazz was taken from a religious fanatic in the Manchester city center, and Portrait was inspired by a long conversation I had with a friend from New York.

El Es De (Manos)

Another poem from my workshop class... this one meant to follow a very strict rhyme scheme and also to involve memory and place.
I chose to write about an extremely religious acid trip I had last year at the beaches of Santa Cruz.

What the Water Gave Us

A poem from a workshop I'm in, meant to involve a piece of art.
I decided to go with Frida and Diego, gathering inspiration from a number of different artworks.


One night I was walking home, it was so dark, the streetlights weren't working for some reason, and there were no cars. Roads always seem quieter than silence without cars. I walked right down the middle of the road, smiling my head off. This poem is about that time.

I see a girl

Failure is part of life. In the modern world we try to manipulate everything around us, thinking that we have ultimate control. This is not the case; "We are not free and the sky can still fall on our heads."

A Villanelle

This is about a lost love and a lost friend.

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