Short Stories

Splitting The Difference

Inca sat rolling peas across her plate into undercooked cut green beans she had arranged like skittles. Nobody really noticed, not even mummy. Everyone, except Inca and Perth were concentrating intently on their lunch following Perth’s outburst.

The Crone

Here's a short story I wrote some time ago for players of the online game, the lord of the rings.

It was written with the goal of making people stop to think and immerse themselves a little more deeply in the world around them, as well as providing an unusual point of view, in that the protagonist wasn't really intended to be anything other than just another face in a crowd.

I hope you enjoy the read.

Hitch hiking

The drama follows the repercussions of a lonely driver picking up a casual hitch hiker and having to face some painful truths about prejudice, longing and desire.

2373 Feet

The story follows the reflections of a man who, through circumstance, personal choice and appalling weather, is killed in a freak walking accident.

On a clear day

A simple story of family and the strength of relationship between two sisters

The Lamp Post Line

This is the story of Jeffery Patterson, a maths teacher who has decided that he is going to kill himself after giving one last parents' evening.  I hope you enjoy it.

The Theatre of Peculiar Combat

A short, original, abstract take on binge drinking and package holidays

The Old Man Watches

All is not as it seems as the old man watches over those who enter his park, adults and children alike

Verity's Home Truths

Deception dominates these pages as we follow Verity though a nerve-wracking day in which she tries to experience the highs and lows of gambling outside of her husband's radar.

Through The Eye Of A Needle

I wanted to explore the realtionship between an addictive personality and the object of his dreams.

I have personified one party in the style of Ian McEwan's 'Reflections of a Kept Ape'. By doing so I am hoping to reveal the true extent of the man's dependency.

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