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Sparrow has just lost the love of her life.

Daisy is drifting from her once-siamese twin.

David feels like a stranger in his own body.

Vincent needs a fresh start.

Chapters follows the lives of these four twentysomethings as they all search for something missing.
Set in contemporary Sheffield over the Christmas period, their lives intertwine, crossing and colliding until events finally reach a head on New Year's Eve.

Ratboy Saves Steel City

Tristan Kulik can talk to animals.

Following an accident as a child, Tristan recieves the mixed blessing of being able to communicate in any language- and also with any species.
His gangster father uses his son's 'talent' to his advantage until a botched assassination attempt sends eighteen-year-old Tristan fleeing for the North.
Eight years later Tristan is living the quiet life in Sheffield, working at an animal park and living comfortably with his friend Dave and his rat Jasper.
Until he meets Delilah.

Splitting The Difference

Inca sat rolling peas across her plate into undercooked cut green beans she had arranged like skittles. Nobody really noticed, not even mummy. Everyone, except Inca and Perth were concentrating intently on their lunch following Perth’s outburst.

Work in progress

Each of us is a work in progress.
Following a bad accident Lucy has to rebuild her life, with few memories of her past.
If you could start again will a clean slate, how much of your life would you change ?
Element of fantasy comes into story later

The Red Thread

"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break."

In this story 'Red' is actually a border collie, the ghost of a border collie to be exact, that resides in a village that the main characters Aunty grew up in.
She spent many childhood summers at her Aunty's cottage and was raised on stories about a special sheepdog but she never thought they were true.


Alice is leaving her family in London to begin a new career abroad. She has lived abroad often before but this is the first time she is having qualms leaving, expecially since Eric, her childhood friend, declared himself to her the day of her departure.

Addressing Him

Me mooning over the boy I love before I properly loved him.

Addressing Anthony

Talking to a fairly distant childhood friend, on realising how horrid I am to him on a daily basis.

Addressing Aidan

Me talking to my brother, after an argument over sunday lunch.

Addressing Nessa

Generally when I'm venting a little bit this is the sort of thing I write. I don't really know how to describe it or what genre to put it in, but it's basically me talking to my person of choice and being completely honest for once. I've done quite a few of these, none long enough to constitute a chapter. This is the first one I ever wrote, still my favourite.

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