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Having always harboured ambitions to be a writer, the thing preventing me doing so was being immersed in the process of writing rather than being aware of writing for a wider audience. I did undergo something of an epiphany last year and wrote The Bid, very quickly and I believe that sense of immediacy is evident in the style. I intend to become a professional writer and have already begun writing a new novel.

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General Fiction,
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Gabriel García Márquez Milan Kundera Peter Carey Toni Morrison Henrik Ibsen P.G Wodehouse
Favourite Books
If On a Winter's Night a Traveller The Reluctant Fundamentalist The Great Gatsby A Hundred Years of Solitude Pride & Prejudice

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The Bid

21 June 2011

Five cities are bidding for the right to host the 2012 Olympic Games: Madrid, Paris, Moscow, London...

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