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I was a backline technician in London for twenty years. In 1999 I moved permanently to Hay-on-Wye where I became technical director for Red Kite Theatre. In 2007 I flew to the USA and married a County Sheriff from Illinois. She now lives here with me in Wales. I started writing seriously as a result of pressure from a professional playwright who knew and liked my work.

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Genres of Interest
Essay, Romance,
Favourite Authors
Charles Dickens, Bill Bryson, Eric Newby, Mark Twain, John Steinbeck.
Favourite Books
Barnaby Rudge, Notes from a Small Island, A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush, Life on the Mississippi, Cannery Row, more, more, more.
Favourite Quotations
Annon.I do so admire what you are 'trying' to achieve. Again Annon. Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.

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Letters from Ontopof Abroad

05 June 2009

Letters from Ontopof Abroad

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