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Eve White

"the job begins and ends with my authors ... I think of it as a journey we make together"

I set up the Agency in 2003 and it is now well established. We look after many talented authors and deal with all the main publishing houses both in the UK and abroad.

A Member of The Association of Authors' Agents

Yasmin Standen

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James Farell

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Mathew Price

Mathew Price Limited is proud to welcome you to its publishing venture, which brings his pioneering books - popular for many years in the UK and available in the United States through Knopf, Scholastic, and Harcourt - to America with the launch of Price's own U.S.-based house. This lovingly-chosen list builds on Mathew Price's years of experience as a parent, a children's bookseller, and as the originator of many popular children's titles.

David Birkett

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