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    nice picture

    says on 02 March 2009

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In defense of Eve

18 March 2009

Dear Lord, my wife has done a silly thing.

That's clear...

Singledom (2006)

08 February 2009

The argument that I am fat and hairy
Grows more convincing with each passing year.

Young Jake (2007)

08 February 2009

"Young Jake's a gainly lad" you volunteered,
As if in doing so you might allay
Those products...

Penguin (2006)

08 February 2009

Researching for my wildlife features
I've seen some unusual creatures,
But for sheer outrageousness...

On It (2006)

08 February 2009

The clink, clink of metal on porcelain.
War cry of work days & days that come and go