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  2. Upload the first chapter of your book together with a synopsis
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The registration process is simple. Answer a few questions, write a little about yourself and upload a picture. Registration creates your own profile page which you can update anytime and allows you to upload work.

Get people interested by writing an initial witty opening of 10-15 words introducing your book. Then a synopsis of a maximum 200 words. These are the most important elements as they will be displayed alongside your profile and get people interested enough to download the first chapter of your book.

Upload the first chapter, a maximum of 5000 words will be accepted. We don't want to hamper your creative freedom. If you have a large chapter just upload part of it. The word limit is in line with major publishing houses.

Your work will be visible to everyone on the site. Other readers, literary agents, publishers and fellow writers will be able to comment, rate and review your work. The author of the most popular chapter of the month will have the option to upload the next chapter if they wish.

You have the freedom to edit your work anytime.

Your contact details will be hidden unless you choose to disclose them to interested literary agents and publishers. Bookbloc can arrange that for you.

Bookbloc has only teamed up with literary agents included in the Writers and Artists Yearbook.

Connect with literary friends.

Share work with literary friends

Read, vote, rate and comment on other members' books.

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Gain access to the work of new blossoming talent.

Gauge current literary output.

Back work with an already established fan base or just support what you enjoy.

Receive messages in your pigeonhole when authors who match your criteria join.

Have customised pages on the bookbloc site, serving as an easily updatable micro website. This micro website will allow you to display and promote the work you do, any events you may be organising, your existing authors and works. You will have complete autonomy over the content of your pages.

We can pass on author details if both parties are interested in working together so you may negotiate directly.

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Registration is easy. Just answer a few simple questions, write a little about yourself and upload a picture. This will allow you to have your own profile page on the bookbloc site.

Connect with literary friends.

Find people with similar literary interests.

Be the first to read new work.

Share books with friends.

The chapters will be printer and email friendly, so you can share work with friends and enjoy completely original work away from your screen.

Read, vote, rate and comment on members' works.

Friend authors.

Vote for your favourite author and get a chance to read more of your favourite work. The author of the most popular work has the opportunity to upload a new chapter. This is your chance to have a role in promoting the work you like.

Receive messages in your pigeonhole when new work matching your critera has been uploaded. Or when your friended authors upload new work.

Discover what your friends are reading.

Compare your literary knowledge with that of your friends.

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