women's fiction



After being traded in for a younger model, Katie Richards tries to find ways to salvage what’s left of her life, not knowing which way to go, who to turn to, or who to trust. A story of a woman left to cope with the turmoil of emotional memories and the demoralization of her marriage. Searching her soul to find out what is wrong with her? What the future holds for her - is this it - is this the end of her life, now that she has been abandoned.

Splitting The Difference

Inca sat rolling peas across her plate into undercooked cut green beans she had arranged like skittles. Nobody really noticed, not even mummy. Everyone, except Inca and Perth were concentrating intently on their lunch following Perth’s outburst.

Mary Marion Marjorie

Mary, Marion, Marjorie; me Is only one person and also is three. Mary, Marion, Marjorie; me Split mind, three masks, complex trinity.

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