Pole Praise

Look around you.
Find something mundane and ponder on it.
Just for fun.

Shopping for Meringue

What if you really didn't like the dress? Who is it for anyway?

Singledom (2006)

The argument that I am fat and hairy
Grows more convincing with each passing year.
Meanwhile, my singledom just makes girls wary,
And I need them to make it disappear.

From time to time they grant a visitation
(Lest I forget they're part of real life)
But soon withdraw to my imagination
Where, to be fair, each proves a lovely wife.

Young Jake (2007)

"Young Jake's a gainly lad" you volunteered,
As if in doing so you might allay
Those products of this fact that you most feared,
Or nullify the fact in some vague way.
Then, bound to your doomed strategy of trust,
You took young Jake inside your inner walls,
To take your tools that gathered webs and rust,
To plough your idle fields when harvest calls.
Did you think these good turns made you immune?
Young Jake is not a miracle or slave.
Stronger than gratitude, old forces soon
Goad takers to usurp the man that gave.

Penguin (2006)

Researching for my wildlife features
I've seen some unusual creatures,
But for sheer outrageousness
I'm yet to find a match for this:

In cold and uninviting lands '
About yea high & the penguin stands;
Hark why he's quite the most absurd
Of any semi pseudo-bird.

He does his best to imitate
The human with his upright gait,
But shunning the straightforward stride,
He opts to shuffle, side to side.

Though (second only to the seal)
The killer whale's most favoured meal,

On It (2006)

The clink, clink of metal on porcelain.
War cry of work days & days that come and go
And come and go. Drink coffee, then begin
To play my little role in the daily show.
Some say hello; some don't have this technique.
I sit by them until five and punctuate
This time with coffee breaks, and sometimes speak
But mostly sit, and sip, and sit, and wait,
And then go home, forget not to be tense,
Forget why I looked forward to it, make
A cup of coffee & last line of defence
Between myself and sleep, then sleep, then wake

Reaching Gods' Mercy

When your soul reached the mercy of God.
A piece of my soul disappeared.

The missing part of my soul.
Is she with you?
Has she found you?
I hope she has.

She hasn't found me.
Because I can't feel you.

I hope she's found you.
I hope you don't feel how I feel.
I hope I am with you.

When she finds me.
She'll connect us.

But for now.
I am without you.
But if she's found you.
You're not without me.

That's enough for me.
I don't want you to feel what I feel.

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