General Fiction

Centre stage

A short atmospheric tale about a mysterious woman with a peculiar occupation

A Wolf in the Pack

A claustrophobic depiction of a man's slide into madness. His mental illness never explained, the novel follows him from London to his sister's house in Spain as his difficult family relationships and his vivid dreams unsettle his sanity. In the mould of a Ramon Carver short story of a Chekhov play, little actually happens to the characters of dramatic note but the intense, disturbing nature of the world and the thinness of sanity is created through a wildly rich and often challengingly abstract narrative.

Second Sight

Second Sight is a story about Dr. Isabel Gregory and her struggle to catch and expose a well-known and well-connected murderous transplant surgeon on the staff of Mercy, Mercy Hospital.  Interwoven with Isabel's quest are stories of hungry hearts, heartache, heart failure, heart transplantation, and broken hearts finally made whole.

Urban Guerrilla RN

Urban Guerrilla RN is the story of a sassy, veg-dodging nurse who is desperately fighting to save lives and survive the bad streets and treacherous penthouses of Philadelphia with her humor and sanity intact.

24 Exposures

Imagine you find a wallet of photographs that you took as a child. Each snapshot represents someone you no longer know, but meant something to you then. When you spread the photos out, your memories flood back and a broader picture, of a time in your life you've left behind, develops before you.

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