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I'm an Internet Marketer with several successful online businesses, I write for work and now increasing for pleasure. I also nap. Regularly. I believe it important. I write comedy. It often doesn't make sense, but it hopefully entertains.

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Genres of Interest
Essay, Short Stories, Comedy, Science Fiction and Fantasy,
Favourite Authors
David Sedaris Robert Rankin Douglas Adams Augusten Burroughs George Saunders David Nobbs Aravind Adiga
Favourite Books
Too many to even attempt to list.
Favourite Quotations
A meal is not a meal without meat. Don't ask me it's my first day here. These things have a habit of sorting themselves out.

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Hello Flenky - Letters To An Unborn Son

23 May 2011

A father who probably needs psychiatric help, writes a funny letter to his unborn son laying out ...