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Q. Why should I display my work on bookbloc.com?

Bookbloc.com provides a platform for writers to showcase their work. Literary agents and publishers can gauge the current literary output and gauge popularity through the voting, rating and commenting systems in place.

Literary agents receive an unmanageable number of manuscripts, through bookbloc they can gauge the current literary out put, and have the opportunity to make a more democratic decision on what they choose to back.

Q.How much does it cost to publish my chapter on bookbloc and display my profile?

All the functionality is completely free on bookbloc.com for registered users. There are no upgrade costs.

Q.What about copyright?

If your work is original it will be copyright protected. Copyright lasts for the life of the author plus 70 years.

Q.Are you affiliated with any literary agents or publishers?

No. Our aim is to provide a platform for undiscovered writers to showcase their work. The agents and publishers are registered with bookbloc but are independent in their decisions.

Q.How do I know that the literary agents are legitimate?

The publishers and literary agents are vetted by bookbloc. We only register agents that are in the annual Writers and Artists Yearbook.

Q.Are Literary agents and publishers informed about new submissions?

Yes. They receive messages in their pigeonhole when their favourited authors submit new work. Or when a new chapter is uploaded matching their interest criteria.

Q.How do I know if an agent is interested in my work?

There are a number of ways

* They can friend you as an author
* They can give you a high rating. The agents/publisher ratings and the other users ratings are displayed separately on your profile page.
* If an agent or a publisher wants to contact you they would have to do it through bookbloc. We will only give your contact details to an agent with your explicit permission.

Q.What if I want to change my work?

You can edit your profile and your work anytime. The users who have friended you and favourited your work including the agents and publsihers will be informed when you do this. The literary agents whose criteria your work matches will also be informed.

Q.How much of my work should I display?

We recommended that you showcase your genius through an initial short sentence of approximately ten words.

Write a synopsis of a maximum 200 words to engage the reader. These things will be displayed on the website and will entice the reader the download more of your work, read your work, rate and review it. Increasing the chances of improving your popularity and being noticed by agents.

Bookbloc only allows you to upload ONE chapter with a maximum word limit of 5000 words. This is in line with the chapter sizes requested by major publishing houses.

However, we promote and support creative freedom. Don't worry if your chapter is long, just upload part of it and mention this your profile.

Essays and short stories can also only be maximum of 5000 words.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS By Literary Agents/Publishers

Q.I receive hundreds of manuscripts why should I register with bookbloc.com?

It is difficult to gauge the current literary output. Bookbloc is unique in that users are allowed to read, vote, comment and rate authors' work. This allows you assess current market trends and popularity.

This does not mean that you need to back the most popular work. You have complete autonomy over whom you support. You may choose to not endorse anyone on the site. The choices are entirely yours.

Q.How would I benefit from registering?

Asides from the above, we will allow you to have your own easily updatable micro site on bookbloc. You will have a template of four pages and you have the freedom to manage these as you wish. Through this micro site you will be able to promote your existing authors and books including new and forthcoming releases.

You will also be able to display any press you may have had and place calendar events. The pages are flexible and will give you the chance to create your own individual web space on the site.

Q.How much would it cost?

Nothing. It's FREE. There are no costs for registering and having an easily updatable micro website. There will also be no maintenance costs.

Q.Can anyone register?

No. If you register as a literary agent or publisher you will initially be vetted by us. To ensure quality assurance for our users we only accepts agents and publishers in the annual Writers and Artists Yearbook.

Q.What about the quality of the authors?

The authors are not initially screened before their profiles are exhibited on bookbloc. However, bookbloc only actively markets to Creative Writing and English literature students.

Q.Will I get inundated with manuscripts from bookbloc authors?

No. None of your contact details will be displayed on the site. Authors will not be able to contact you through the site.

Q.What if I want to contact an author?

You let us know. We will let the author know of your interest and if he/she agrees we can pass their details on to you and you can negotiate with them directly.

Q.Do you charge a commission if I support an author from bookbloc?

No. Bookbloc only aims to be a platform for agents to scout for talent.



Q.Why should I register with bookbloc?

If you are a book lover this is the ideal place to discover and read new, unpublished work. It's like supporting unsigned bands.

Q.How much will it cost?

It's completely FREE. As a registered user you can have your own profile page. You can rate, comment and vote for work. You can friend authors and literary agents and publishers. There are no upgrade costs.

Q.How will I know when new manuscripts are submitted?

When an author you've friended uploads work or new work matching your genres of interest is uploaded you will be notified through your pigeonhole.

Q.What if I don't like reading things from a screen?

All the work is printer friendly so you can print it off and read it in bed or in the park. You'll also be able to send things to a friend.