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Addressing Him

09 February 2009

Me mooning over the boy I love before I properly loved him.

Addressing Anthony

09 February 2009

Talking to a fairly distant childhood friend, on realising how horrid I am to him on a daily basis...

Addressing Aidan

09 February 2009

Me talking to my brother, after an argument over sunday lunch.

Addressing Nessa

09 February 2009

Generally when I'm venting a little bit this is the sort of thing I write. I don't really know how...


09 February 2009

This was written when I was preparing to play Antigone in the modernised play by Jean Anouille. It...


09 February 2009

Vanessa is a girl I know who is absolute bliss to share a bed with.


09 February 2009

I wrote this while looking after a set of two-year-old twins for a week, I couldn't get over how ...

The Other Option

09 February 2009

This is hopefully a not too pretentious indication of sexism still being very alive today, especially...

You Lost Me

09 February 2009

This is a poem about someone I once knew, who was a mentor to me in a way, before it all got a bit...